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Pre-Owned Home Certification Inspections


In the past few years the automobile industry has very successfully introduced a program with the concept of "Certified Pre-Owned Automobiles". Used vehicles that earn the title "Certified Pre-Owned" assure the buyer with a certain level of confidence that they are investing in a quality, trouble-free vehicle. The buyer's confidence translates into a number of benefits to the seller. The interested party will make an offer faster because fears of mechanical problems are less likely and they are willing to pay a premium price for the certified vehicle.


WISPECT LLC® has developed a program which can offer the same benefits to home-owners.The benefits of this program can:




  1.  Significantly reduce your liability as a home seller;
  2. Maximize the price you obtain for the sale of your home;
  3. Minimize the amount of time it takes it takes to close on your property.


Pricing for Certified Pre-Owned Homes is the same fee as for a standard Home Inspection.

However, we allow you, as the home seller, to pay 50% of the fees when the inspection is

conducted and the remaining fees at the closing or after 90 days, whichever comes first. There

is an additional $30 fee to allow the remaining fee to be paid at closing.


Second Visit Fee: There are occasions where a home seller decides to make a correction to an

issue or issues noted in the report. Often, they request the inspector to return to amend the

certification and report. We can do this for a $100.00 fee. Correction of the problem items

displays true integrity as a home seller to any potential buyer. We also recommend having

receipts for work done by the owner, contractor receipts, and any contractor guarantees in

addition to the report from the Inspector.


Optional second inspections for the buyer: In the event the home buyer wants a re-inspection

of the property, we will perform a complete re-inspection of the home for a $175.00 fee. There

is no fee to resolve any issue or issues in the rare event the home buyer employs the services

of a different Inspector and any report discrepancies arise between the Inspectors. In this

instance WISPECT LLC® will pay to correct any item(s) that cost $100.00 or more to repair up to

$1000.00 per item if said item(s) were in need of repair and we failed to inspect and report the

discrepancy in accordance with the Wisconsin Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors at the

time of our original inspection and written report. All pre-owned home certification inspections are

conducted in accordance with the Wisconsin Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.


When a home seller takes into consideration the pre-owned home certification in combination

with the HMS Home Warranty, the chances of selling your home increases exponentially. The fact

that a Wisconsin Certified Building Inspector with WISPECT® has certified the home to be free

of any defects, in combination with the knowledge the seller has purchased a HMS Home Warranty

which provides insurance in the event a major system in the dwelling fails; it's a win - win



The Inspectors with WISPECT® are Certified by and Registered with the Wisconsin Department of

Safety and Professional Services as Commercial Building or UDC Building Inspectors.The

Inspectors with WISPECT® are private fee paid service providers and are not employed by the

State of Wisconsin.


Some Inspectors conducting inspections on behalf of WISPECT LLC® are Independent Contractors.

All Inspectors with WISPECT LLC® are required carry any insurance coverage required by the

State of Wisconsin. All Services offered by WISPECT LLC® are subject to a contract or

consulting agreement.