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Permit Application Submission Assistance


WISPECT LLC® now offers permit application submission services to individuals and companies wanting to submit for a Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit to build a new one- or two-family dwelling in Wisconsin.

Over the years as a state-contacted UDC Inspection Agency administering and enforcing Wisconsin’s Uniform Dwelling Code in various municipalities throughout the state, we have seen the many reasons why permits are delayed or even sometimes denied because of failing to submit the proper documentation to the authority having jurisdiction.

We can assist with ensuring the documentation required by zoning departments and building inspection agencies is in order and code-compliant. For a very reasonable fee WISPECT® can assist with:


*Construction Plans

We can assist with the design of your new home or if you already have a design in mind, we can ensure it is code-compliant and showing all the information being required by the authority having jurisdiction.

Heating and Electrical Plans

The Uniform Dwelling Code requires a heating layout to be submitted when making an application for a Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit. Most jurisdictions require an electrical plan as well.

Soil Erosion Plans

The Uniform Dwelling Code requires submission of a soil erosion control plan. One of the quickest ways to get a project shutdown is failure to properly identify and implement proper soil erosion control measures. Our service also includes an on-site visit to evaluate if erosion control measures are necessary and the proper type.

The Uniform Dwelling Code requires that an energy conservation compliance certificate is submitted when submitting for a Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit. We will submit the latest version of Wisconsin’s REScheck compliance certificate showing compliance with Wisconsin’s energy conservation standards.

The Uniform Dwelling Code requires a site plan to be submitted when submitting for a Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit. When applying for a land-use or zoning permit a site plan is also required showing set-backs and other requested information by the Zoning Department. An additional fee does apply when submitting for a land-use or zoning permit on behalf of the permit applicant.


For a quote on permit application submission assistance call us at: (715) 699-2350. Our service can be tailored to meet your particular situation. A Registered and Certified UDC Building Inspector will be assigned to your project and will assist in whatever way our client needs. For all your permit application submissions for a new one- or two-family dwelling in Wisconsin let the professionals with WISPECT LLC® assist you.


* WISPECT LLC® honors all trademark and copyright laws, whether state or federal. We will not submit construction plans that have not been authorized for use by the plan designer.

** WISPECT LLC® can assist a permit applicant with securing properly credentialed contractors for each construction trade. However, it should be noted, our assistance will be helping to secure bids from a reasonable pool of contractors in the area you are building. We will not be making personal judgments of contractors. Nor will we comment if we have inspected the work of a particular contractor.  The ultimate decision as to who will be retained for each construction trade is up to the permit applicant. However, it should be noted, WISPECT LLC’s files for issuance of Wisconsin Uniform Building Permits are subject to the open records laws of the State of Wisconsin. Anyone seeking to review our files may do so upon request.

*** Soil testing will be sub-contracted to a properly credentialed soil tester.  If the installation of a Private On-Site Waste Treatment System (POWTS) is required, the permit applicant will need to declare who will be the credentialed installer.

**** Typically you will need to declare the general contractor and master plumber for issuance of a land-use or zoning permit.

***** Typically the authority having jurisdiction requires a master plumber to complete the Water Calculation Worksheet and the electrical installer to complete the standard NEC load calculation worksheet. It should be noted, as of April 1st, 2013 electrical installations may only be done by properly credentialed individuals.

****** If our client desires to make an application for a One- or Two-Family Dwelling Permit to Start Construction we will submit the appropriate paperwork on behalf of our client as a part of our service. No additional fee is required.


We will not offer this service in any municipality we currently, or may in the future, administer and enforce Wisconsin’s Uniform Dwelling Code.

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